Lap Dog loves your pets as much as you do!

Our brand was built by pet lovers dedicated to creating CBD products focused on providing your pets the best quality of life possible.

About Us

Lovers of all pets can ensure their furbabies are living the healthiest and happiest lives possible with Lap Dog’s CBD products, created specially for them. Each product is made with the highest quality ingredients, available in flavors that pets can’t resist, and in forms that are easy for pet owners to use.


“Lap Dog Hemp Drops help my older German Shepard with her joint pain.”

Patti L.

“My cat suffers from separation anxiety while I’m away at work. Lap Dog's CBD Grain Free Chews help her relax before I leave for the day.”

Marie C.

“The CBD shampoo smells so good and my dog’s coat has never looked healthier!”

Ken F.

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